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Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System

Compact Design

Large diameter, lightweight mobile C-arm for easy access to the operating table. Hassle-free system repositioning on a compact 2on1 platform with effortless gliding and color-coded system locks.

Absolute Operability

Control of exam parameters from any side with a c-arm mounted multi-touch operator console and live image display.

Display Unit

View, edit, and post-process images with an onboard 27" 4MP monitor. Mounted on a height and angle adjustable articulated arm with wide sideways extension, the slimline monitor ensures maximum viewing clarity while maintaining driver sightlines.

Flat Panel Detector

Experience advanced imaging clarity with a choice of 21 or 30cm Cesium Iodide (CsI) flat panel detector, With a dedicated radiography mode, removable grid and fluoroscopic imaging at up to 30 frames per second, Persona CS offers unsurpassed imaging performance in a compact

Modulated Power

With its powerful 5kW onboard generator, Persona CS provides over twice the power of typical compact c-arms, improving image quality and x-ray penetration for patients of all sizes.

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Fuji Logo.jpg
Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System
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Absolute Operability

Image manipulation from any side, thanks to a multi-touch console and live imaging. The operator always has direct control over the surgical procedure.

Compact Design

Large diameter, lightweight mobile C-arm for easy access to the operating table and with 78cm of free space. Fast, accurate positioning on patients and effortless gliding. Easy to move from one room to another.

Agile flexibility

Perfectly balanced C-arm orbital and angular rotation responds intuitively to operator touch and feel. Fast re-positioning with brake/ axis color coding. Easy lift front wheels designed to overcome obstacles.

Display Unit

Two 21,5” touch screen monitors are fully adjustable in height and angle of view. Ultra-sharp details and max zoom with 1920x1920 pixels. Large images and thumbnails in portrait mode. Touchscreen technology for easy image and document call-up and management. I/O ports for easy IT network integration.

Flat Panel Detector

21x21cm with 1.8 million pixels or 30x30cm with 3.8 million pixels for high-resolution, low dose images with aSi and CsI technology. Removable 8:1 grid for low dose applications.

Modulated Power

X-ray emission in pulsed mode with modulated power to suit each type of procedure. Excellent dose/image quality ratio.

GE / OEC C-Arms

The OEC C-arm has been the standard in the industry for some time. In surgery, pain management, orthopedics, urology, and many other purposes, the 9600 and the 9800 have continued to be the systems of choice, aiding in diagnosis and treatment with unparalleled reliability.


The Advanced 1Kx1K CCD Camera Technology used in the OEC-9800 image system allows for crisp clear imaging the system comes complete with the latest software and DICOM capabilities. The 9600, with a 525 line image, is the most cost-effective system that provides all the resolution you need for almost all studies.


The rotating x-ray tube in both systems allows for greater penetration and resolution for the lumbar area when doing needle localizations or other work involving the thicker anatomical areas of patients. We also offer LED flat screen monitor upgrades at a very reasonable cost!


Pain management, orthopedics, and rehabilitation services are just a few of the applications utilizing the EDI OEC 9800 or OEC 9600 C-Arm. Whatever the purpose, an EDI Remanufactured, Refurbished or Repaired/Recertified OEC C-arm will deliver the results you can depend on. 

OEC 9600
OEC 9800

On our website, we only show our featured systems. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.


We proudly sell quality equipment from excellent manufacturers like FUJIFILM, Rayence, Americomp & Summit -  just to name a few.​



In the market for a C-ARM for sale? West Coast X-Ray, Inc. has them, available across a range of proven models. Our C-arm units give you plenty of optionality for sophisticated imaging. 

Featured Systems

We’re your source for state-of-the-art imaging equipment, including portable X-ray machines for sale. Our featured systems are some of the most refined and capable on the market, brought to you by proven manufacturers. Our featured portables and C-arms for sale include:

Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System.  The Persona CS Mobile Fluoroscopy System, is an advanced c-arm solution designed for rapid single unit positioning within even the tightest OR environment. With a 5kW generator and over twice the power of typical compact c-arms, the Persona CS mobile fluoroscopy system is perfectly balanced to provide superior x-ray performance without compromising maneuverability.

Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System.  The Persona C Mobile Fluoroscopy System, an advanced c-arm solution engineered for fast, precise positioning and advanced image quality. This new fluoroscopic c-arm will be available with 21x21cm or 30x30cm amorphous Silicon (aSi) flat panel detector options for ultra-low dose fluoroscopy, and vascular imaging. Featuring a removable grid and dedicated ‘radiography mode’ for high-quality still imaging, Persona C is designed for easy, precise navigation and imaging across a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

GE / OEC C-Arms. Pain management, orthopedics and rehabilitation services are just a few of the applications suited for the EDI OEC 9800 or OEC 9600 C-Arm. Whatever the purpose, a GE OEC C-arm will deliver results you can depend on.

Inquire About C-Arms For Sale

If your healthcare facility is in the market for C-arms for sale, turn to the team at West Coast X-Ray, Inc. We stock and supply our customers with best-in-class equipment from top-name manufacturers. When you work with us, you’re getting equipment that’s ideally suited for your facilities and your needs. Reach us today at 530-547-9729 to learn more.

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