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Vision to Go Beyond Expectations


Sophisticated yet simple operation and Fujifilm's trademark image quality and dose performance help optimize workflow and minimize patient disturbance.

The FDR Go® PLUS offers exactly what you need every day for your most challenging mobile exams:

  • All new retractable column, ultra-low park position, and signature compact tube head for maximum visibility and agile maneuverability while traveling.

  • System status indicators with bright LED status lights on the monitor and tube arm to provide exposure, charge, and system status at a glance.

  • Extra-large touchscreen display with Dynamic Visualization™ image processing, which automatically optimizes images for greater diagnostic visibility.

  • Virtual Grid™ (option) image processing simulates grid use, eliminating the need for a grid. It provides excellent image quality, up to 50% lower dose than grid exams, lighter easier positioning, and optimal patient comfort.

  • Extensive dedicated storage areas for large and small items, including a covered storage compartment for smaller items and larger open slots for easy accessibility and cleaning.

  • Inching controls at the tube head slowly move the system forward or backward for precise positioning at the bedside without needing to return to the drive handle.

  • 3 sets of easy-to-reach tube positioning releases and front and rear collimation controls for fast, easy collimation and positioning exactly where you need it.

  • Fun pediatric graphics (option) to help calm patients and parents in the NICU, PICU, and pediatric departments.

  • Compatible with FDR D-EVO II detectors available in GOS and CsI, in standard 14x17'' or full field-of-view 17x17'' sizes, and a 24x30cm perfect for neonatal and extremity use, all featuring Fujifilm's patented ISS technology for exceptional image quality at low dose.

  • System battery power lasts 3-4 hours and features emergency reserve mode for additional exposures and travel after low battery warning.

  • Browser-based RIS and PACS shortcut buttons let you close studies remotely from the mobile console.

Designed with safety in mind

Built for speed and efficiency, the FDR Go PLUS incorporates features to ensure the safety of users and patients. A touch-sensing bumper stops the system and sounds an alarm if an obstacle comes too close. The quick-release brake system stops the FDR Go PLUS whenever the grip handle is released, and a special safety mode allows it to travel at a slower speed for in-room or training uses.

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Pediatric Wrap!
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Simple just got easier with the FDR AQRO.


Combining everything you need into one compact, portable digital x-ray system.

  • Smooth maneuverability allows you to go anywhere with this ultra-compact system. At just 198 lbs., the FDR AQRO is 80% lighter than traditional mobile x-ray systems.

  • Four swiveling wheel casters allow precise, easy positioning and travel in any direction, and the ability to spin the system in place in tight spaces.

  • Easy positioning changes enable sequential exposures of the chest and abdomen to be acquired quickly and easily for efficient technologist workflow.

  • The articulating control panel allows rotation, tilting, and height adjustment for instant image confirmation from any angle.

  • The small lightweight design and extended reach of the tube head allow one-hand operation for easy exam positioning.

  • High-performance Li-ion battery power enables up to 12 hours of continuous use at 20 exposures/hour, 15-minute quick charge for 1 hour (20 exposures), and rapid 4-hour charging for a full charge. FDR AQRO can also be used while plugged into AC power.

  • The detector holder area features built-in charging and initialization, a keyed lock to safely stow your valuable detector, and a tilting design for detector bagging.

  • Primary surfaces are coated with Fujifilm's exclusive Hydro AG antibacterial coating, providing an added safety measure in infection controls.

  • Virtual Grid™ (included standard) image processing simulates grid use for improved image quality for images acquired without a grid, and lower dose acquisition compared to grid exams.

  • Dynamic Visualization™ II (included standard), our latest image processing, adjusts image quality throughout the entire exposure field based on intelligent feature and thickness recognition.

  • Compatible with FDR D-EVO II and FDR ES CsI wireless detectors in standard 14x17,'' full field-of-view 17x17,'' and our unique 24x30cm size, all featuring Fujifilm's patented ISS technology and noise reduction circuitry for exceptional image quality and performance at a lower dose.

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Fully Integrated Mobile X-ray Solution


The Rayence GODPX is a powerful medical X-ray system that features a fully integrated wireless DR panel and software customized for the rapid response needed in many applications while not sacrificing accuracy or image quality. Its lightweight makes it easy to transport between rooms, remote sites and does not require a dedicated room normally seen with a standard Rad Room.

Some of the Benefits of the GODPX:

Low Dose
40% Patient Dose Reduction with GreenON Wireless Panel


Compact & Light Weight
100 lbs with DR Panel and Small Foot Print


Affordable + Value + Reliable
Includes High-Frequency Generator


Superior Image Quality
Latest in Cesium DR Technology 
Software Customized for the Moblie Application- “One Click”


Flexibility -Convenient Tech-Friendly Design 
Easy to Put into Position and Move-in tight spaces

Rayence GODPX.jpg

We are proud to offer MinXray’s full line of portable x-ray systems and accessories.  MinXray offers portable x-ray equipment for all practices. MinXray systems include solutions to everything from individual imaging equipment components to complete digital radiography systems. Recognized internationally as a trusted source for providing innovative, lightweight and portable imaging solutions. MinXray’s units are easy to use, ultra-durable, and create digital images of superior quality. No matter what digital imaging challenges you face, wherever you need to be, MinXray’s advanced digital radiography systems are right there with you.

Portable x-ray equipment needs to be durable and lightweight. MinXray’s HF100+ Ultra Light imaging unit defines the industry standard for superior quality imaging, portability, and ease of use for any application. Easily programmed for storage of five different exposure techniques, the HF100+ Ultra Light portable x-ray unit delivers state-of-the-art imaging and dependable performance in even the most rugged conditions

We offer the full line of MinXray products.

On our website, we only show our featured systems. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.


We proudly sell quality equipment from excellent manufacturers like FUJIFILM, Rayence, Americomp & Summit -  just to name a few.​



In the market for a portable X-ray machine for sale? West Coast X-Ray, Inc. has them, available across a range of proven models. Whether you’re out in the field or need specialized maneuverability in-office, our portable units give you plenty of optionality for sophisticated imaging. 

Why Portables?

Healthcare providers choose portable imaging units because they offer a highly versatile degree of functionality. Portables provide functionality in the office, for easy maneuverability and swift imaging. We recommend these highly versatile systems to practitioners in dynamic environments, where mobility and agility are paramount in delivering care. 

Featured Systems

We’re your source for state-of-the-art imaging equipment, including portable X-ray machines for sale. Our featured systems are some of the most refined and capable on the market, brought to you by proven manufacturers. Our featured portables for sale include:


FUJIFILM FDR AQRO. Simplify your everyday mobile imaging with the FDR AQRO, a complete mini-digital x-ray system that combines the high sensitivity of Fujifilm's DR detectors and our refined image processing advancements to generate high-resolution images with low patient dose.

FUJIFILM FDR Go PLUS. FDR Go PLUS is one of the smallest, quietest, and most agile full-size portables available. Its quiet, smooth operation, retractable column, and compact design make it ideal for navigating busy environments and tight spaces. Together with Fujifilm's trademark image quality and dose performance, FDR Go PLUS offers exactly what you need for your most challenging bedside exams.

MinXray 100HF+. The HF100H+ portable x-ray unit defines the industry standard for superior image quality, portability and ease of use in any scenario. Easily programmed for storage of five different exposure techniques, the HF100H+ delivers state-of-the-art imaging and dependable performance in any setting. Compatible with all film and digital capture systems.

Inquire About Portable X-Ray Units For Sale

If your healthcare facility is in the market for a new portable X-ray machine, turn to the team at West Coast X-Ray, Inc. We stock and supply our customers with best-in-class equipment from top-name manufacturers. When you work with us, you’re getting equipment that’s ideally suited for your facilities and your needs. Reach us today at 530-547-9729 to learn more.

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