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Oasis Velocity
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FUJIFILM’s Oasis Velocity opens a world of possibilities in MRI

Physicians want high image quality. Technologists want speed and simplicity. Patients want to feel at ease. Get all this and more with Velocity.

Featuring the only open architecture high field MRI system, Velocity’s patient-centric design delivers outstanding operator convenience and excellent diagnostic performance. Its high field power is ideal for a wide range of imaging applications.

Image quality counts. FUJIFILM made it their mission to deliver the scan time and image resolution you need in the patient-friendly design you want. Velocity delivers
outstanding images, short exam times, and ease of use benefits. Its robust clinical capability means it will be a versatile workhorse in your facility for years to come.



No one wants to have an MRI. But when you have to have one, let’s make it as pleasant as possible. Velocity’s open-sided design and fast exams maximize patient comfort. More patient-pleasing benefits further complement this unique experience.


Most kids who walk into your facility are unnerved by the big loud machine and the unfamiliar process of being scanned. The experience can be intimidating and frightening to even the bravest of children. That’s what makes Velocity so ideal for young patients. Its open architecture allows caregivers to be by their side the entire time.


Many senior patients have physical and mental limitations that can make a closed MRI
exam a challenge. Velocity eradicates these obstacles. The adjustable table allows them to get on and off with ease. And because it can move laterally as well, your patients can be positioned perfectly without having to maintain awkward and
uncomfortable positions.

Technology to conform to the human condition. For all your patients. Velocity is a system that satisfies everyone.

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Echelon Oval 1.5T

FUJIFILM's Echelon Oval Offers The Widest Wide Bore In MRI

Designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum, Echelon Oval embodies our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to patient comfort without compromising image quality.

  • Echelon Oval brings together all the key attributes of a leading 1.5T MR system – patient accessibility, workflow, and clinical capabilities all covered by Fujifilm’s industry-leading customer support.

  • The widest patient opening (74cm) of any 1.5T MR system

  • Workflow efficiencies at each stage of the exam with Fujifilm’s Workflow Integrated Technology (WIT)

  • High quality, whole-body imaging applications that matter most to your practice


The powerful Echelon Oval imaging architecture delivers outstanding clinical imaging benefits through the Imaging Suites. The standard Imaging Suites include a broad range of acquisition sequences, sequence enhancements, and processing tools.  Scanning and processing features are available to meet the clinical challenge in Neuro, Orthopedic, Body, Breast, Vascular, and Cardiac imaging.


Scan fast and deliver excellent results using these pulse sequence enhancements and features designed to minimize artifacts and increase ease of use.


Echelon Oval continues the Fujifilm tradition of advancing MRI systems beyond the technology you expect with cost-effective siting and operation. Echelon Oval’s remarkable design attributes make it accommodating to existing facilities and easily planned into new construction. As an acknowledged leader in imaging placements, Fujifilm offers a wealth of site planning experience and a proven system for efficient siting, installation, and start-up.

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Fujifilm’s Landmark Design

Fujifilm created the SCENARIA View (View) with practical innovations that better address the pressing needs of patients and the majority of CT providers for both their in and outpatient services. Versatile and patient-friendly, the View is built on more than 40 years of experience in Computed Tomography. Worldwide, Fujifilm has delivered over 14,000 CT Systems.

Experience enhanced workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications using 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction. Access the latest dose awareness, reduction, and management features.* Benefit from more open patient access, a compact footprint, new energy-efficient technologies, and lower cost of ownership with Fujifilm SCENARIA View.

Unique and clinically valuable capabilities of the View include:

  • Fujifilm's Next Generation Vision Model-based Iterative Reconstruction capability "Intelli IPV" can provide dose reduction up to 83% at the same image quality*.

  • With a wider 80cm gantry aperture, a more powerful 84kW generator provides up to 700mA operation

  • The advantages of the standard Auto Lateral Shift Table enables ±10cm lateral shift (20cm total shift range) providing easier and more accurate positioning of the patient’s anatomy of interest at the scan Field of View’s iso-center where spatial resolution is better than off-center

  • HiMAR Plus metal artifact reduction minimizes objectionable metal-induced artifacts

  • The View includes XR-25 Dose-Check control and is XR-29 Smart-Dose Compliant while providing FDA 510(k) Cleared Indication for use for Low-Dose CT lung Cancer Screening

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Supria Plus

Value with Powerful CT Capabilities

Supria Plus provides high levels of image quality across a wide range of applications. Access the latest dose awareness, reduction and management features. And take advantage of a compact footprint, increased patient access and lower cost of ownership of Supria models.

Supria models are designed with the patient in mind. Their large aperture, long table with high weight capacity comfortably accommodates patients of all sizes up to 500 lbs.

The latest Fujifilm dose reduction technologies* surpass the XR-29 Smart Dose Standard. A larger 75cm gantry aperture, wider 47.5cm table with a long 180cm scannable range result in a more positive patient experience.

*In clinical use, dose saving features may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practices employed. Consultation with a radiologist and physicist are recommended to determine the appropriate dose needed to obtain diagnostic image quality for a particular clinical task.

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On our website, we only show our featured systems. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.


We proudly sell quality equipment from excellent manufacturers like FUJIFILM, Rayence, Americomp & Summit -  just to name a few.​


Featured Systems

When it comes to finding the best CT or MRI system for your practice, trust our team to assist you. There are several systems we’re quick to recommend, suitable for a broad range of settings and applications. Some of our featured CT and MRI systems include:

FUJIFILM Oasis Velocity. Oasis Velocity is about providing the optimal combination of patient-centric care and clinical performance. Built to handle the most challenging patients, with an unobstructed viewing angle, Velocity enables you to capture the broadest patient demographic. A unique achievement in high-field imaging, Velocity’s truly open architecture features an advanced magnet design, Workflow Integrated, and Zenith RF Technology, along with advanced imaging capabilities to handle all patients with confidence, without compromising on performance or efficiency.

FUJIFILM Echolon Oval 1.5T.  
The Widest Wide Bore in the Industry Echelon Oval brings together all the key attributes of a leading 1.5T MR system—patient comfort, accessibility, efficient workflow, and advanced clinical capabilities all covered by Fujifilm’s industry leading customer support. With the Echelon Oval the next level in MRI is here.

FUJIFILM SCENARIA View. The SCENARIA View 128 is a powerful premium performance CT solution that provides dependable routine application capabilities with available advanced clinical modules for Interventional CT, extended coverage Shuttle Scanning (for Perfusion Exams), Cardiac CTA and Dual Energy examinations. The View employs 64 discrete detector and electronics channels over a 40mm detector coverage and reconstructs up to 128-slices per scan rotation.

FUJIFILM Supria PlusThe Supria Plus (16/32) is an economy CT that provides a wide range of routine clinical applications with the latest dose awareness, reduction, and management features.

Inquire About CT and MRI 

West Coast X-Ray, Inc. offers a full line of CT and MRI systems, to ensure the right fit for any practice or application—even beyond our featured products. Contact us today at 530-547-9729 to consult with an expert and learn more about the products we sell. We’re committed to helping you modernize your practice and improve the level of patient care you offer. 
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