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  • Electric lock for wallstand

  • Electric lock for tubestand

  • Swivel mount for collimator

  • Heavy-duty cassette tray

  • 36″ full spine wallstand with grid

  • 500mA generator upgrade

  • Anatomical Programmed console on 30HF

  • 103 LPI, 10:1 grid upgrade

  • 178 LPI, 8:1 grid upgrade for digital

  • Step-up transformer, 1 phase

  • 5-year parts warranty

AC-1 Chiropractic System

An Affordable Choice For Your Chiropractic Practice


AC1 System accommodates up to a 14″ x 17″ (35 cmx43 cm) cassette in either direction, allowing a broad range of procedures.


The Wallstand utilizes a precision bearing system that provides effortless vertical travel of the grid and the cassette tray.Such full vertical traveling wallstands allow examination of standing knee and ankle procedures.



Product Specifications:



  • Spectra 40HF Generator

  • Spectra 30HF Generator



  • Floor-to-wall or ceiling (specify at time of order)

  • 5-foot tracks

  • 10″ tubearm

  • Angulating port-style tubemount

  • Angulation dial and operator handles

  • Fully counterbalanced

  • Mechanical locks



  • 140,000 H.U., 1.0-2.0 mm focal spot, 90-degree horns



  • Regular-duty manual tray with cassette blocker



  • 10′ maxi-flex high voltage cables; federal terminations



  • Certified, manual collimator with light field



  • 17″ x 17″ grid cabinet with front panel travels floor to 76″

  • Specify left or right hand load

  • Mechanical locks

  • Fully counterbalanced



  • 103 line 8:1 aluminum grid

Rayence logo.png
Rayence DRPOD1.jpg

Orthoposer Base + Cesium Detector + Generator


Through innovative design, Rayence offers a true flat panel detector, retrofit orthoposer base, and an advanced imaging software solution to the podiatry market.

1012WCA 10x12 Wireless DR Flat Panel Detector

Thin, Lightweight, and robust, this wireless detector offers true portability and flexibility. It is an ideal versatile solution for a faster, more streamlined approach to direct, high-quality digital radiography. It incorporates Cesium Iodide scintillator technology which significantly reduces exposure when compared to CR plates or Gadox scintillator flat-panel detectors.

The detector has a built-in Access Point (AP) which enables images to be sent directly to a Wi-Fi enabled PC or laptop in seconds. For added flexibility, 1012WCA can also be used as a tethered detector. With the configuration, the battery will recharge without it having to be removed and placed into a separate charger.


Smart Podiatry Digital Imaging Solutions

Designed with workflow and efficiency in mind, Xmaru PodView was developed specifically for podiatric practices as well as foot and ankle surgeons.

The Xmaru PodView provides advanced measure tools such as Inter-Metatarsal Angle and Hallux-Abductus Angle standard. It comes with standard features like DICOM Modality Work List (MWL), DICOM Printing, and DVD/CD Burning with viewer. We provide you the ability to export images as JPEG, TIF, GIF, and BITMAP.

Podiatry X-Ray System with HF Generator


The DRPOD715-WCA + Xmaru1012WCA is the true flat panel x-ray detector wireless solution for the podiatry market. The DRPOD715-WCA + Xmaru1012WC provides podiatrists a smart & cost-effective way to upgrade their current x-ray systems to provide them with the many benefits of a DR workflow. In combination with industry-leading technical specifications and our post-processing algorithms, Rayence has established the benchmark for the quality solution today’s podiatrists have to come required.

On our website, we only show our featured systems. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us.


We proudly sell quality equipment from excellent manufacturers like FUJIFILM, Rayence, Americomp & Summit -  just to name a few.​


Featured Systems

There’s a market full of high-tech chiropractic traction tables, spinal decompression tables and vertical imaging systems. We bring a great selection of equipment to our clients, to ensure they get the right solution for their practice. When it comes to our featured, recommended systems, there’s often no reason to look any further! Our featured solutions include:

Americomp AC-1 Chiropractic System. This system utilizes a precision bearing system that provides effortless vertical travel of the grid and the cassette tray. Full vertical traveling wall stands allow examination of standing knee and ankle procedures.

Rayence DRPOD 715WCA. This advanced digital x-ray solution seamlessly integrates into any clinical workflow. The Xmaru PDDView features rich software solutions that capture, view, and distribute digital images. With advanced Podiatry specific measurement tools and an easy-to-navigate interface, the Xmaru PDDView provides a complete solution. 

Inquire About Equipment For Small Practices

West Coast X-Ray, Inc. stocks and sells the podiatry and chiropractic systems you’re looking for to improve your practice. We help small practices deliver a higher caliber of care to each patient they see and perform complex, targeted adjustments through the use of robust equipment. Reach us today at 530-547-9729 to learn more about our equipment selection. 

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